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Revisions for Dropbox is a macOS app for inspecting changes to your Dropbox account and reverting modifications if needed. The app displays a timeline of edits, showing what files were changed, when they were changed, and by whom.

Compare changes

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See exactly how each file was modified using any of a number of compatible 3rd party file comparison apps.

Restore files or folders

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Even the best of us make a mess sometimes. The app lets you easily rewind your files to an earlier state.

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The app held a Mac App Store global average rating of 4.6 stars (out of maximum 5 stars).


Unfortunately, the app will stop working at the end of September 2021!

The app uses the Dropbox API to connect to the Dropbox servers to retrieve information on your files and directories, and in particular to check for recent edits. Thus, the correct functioning of the app is tightly tied to this service, provided by Dropbox.

An upcoming change in the Dropbox API, to become effective September 30th 2021, will have the effect that the Revisions app, in its present form, will no longer be able to keep an authenticated connection open to the Dropbox servers. In effect, it appears certain that the app will not function properly following this Dropbox API change.

In principle, it would be possible to update the Revisions app such that it could survive this change. However, in practice, this turns out to be rather difficult, as the app has not been updated in the last three years, and there are thus a number of unrelated modifications that would be needed just to satisfy other recent changes and requirements (to the macOS operating system, Mac App Store distribution, etc). The amount of effort required is thus quite large.

Fortunately, what used to be unique functionality in the Revisions app is now available via other mechanisms provided by Dropbox itself, so the raison d'ĂȘtre of the app is now, largely, gone. Further details are provided below.

  1. In terms of watching files and folders, the Dropbox website now provides a number of options (which did not exist when Revisions for Dropbox was originally created):
    • You can navigate to any folder (in the web interface), and view the "Folder history" (available under the drop-down menu by clicking on the three dots icon).
    • For any shared folder, you can sign up for notifications (by clicking the "Follow" button in the web interface for the folder in question).
  2. One of the most important features of the Revisions app was the ability to revert an entire directory to a given point in time. This is now available via the Dropbox web interface, by opening up the folder in question and selecting "Rewind this folder" (available under the drop-down menu by clicking on the three dots icon).
The one feature that I think is still missing (i.e. not available outside Revisions) is the possibility to easily compare different versions of a file, to see what has changed when a file has been edited. Perhaps, if a sufficient number of users request this feature from Dropbox, they might implement it!

Please note that some help and guidance on using the app is still available.


The app is no longer available in the Mac App Store, (because of the upcoming end-of-life) but it can still be obtained as a direct download: Revisions 3.0.1. For those of you who wish to run a second copy of the app, to simultaneously connect to two separate Dropbox accounts, there is also Revisions 3.0.1-alt.


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